News Release
Issue date: Dec. 7, 2016

Introducing three models of memory readers convenient for smartphone and tablet PC users, and one USB3.0 hub that is perfect for tablet PC usage

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is launching, in the middle of December, three types of USB memory card readers that can be conveniently used with smartphones and tablet PCs, and one model of USB 3.0 hub that is perfect for use with tablet PCs.

Newly introduced are three USB memory card readers for smartphone and tablet PC users and a convenient USB hub for tablet PC usage. All three card readers can directly read and write data from and to a micro SD card or SD card. These card readers can be used to duplicate and display digital camera images on smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook PCs on the spot and upload the images to SNS. The card reader can also be used for making a backup copy of data stored in smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook PCs or transferring data to PCs. The USB 3.0 hub, while being slim and compact, can be self-powered with the included AC adapter, making it perfect for connecting an external hard drive to a tablet PC.

The MRS-MBD09BK is a stick-type memory reader for high-speed data transmission between smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook PCs. The product is equipped with two types of connectors, microUSB and USB standard A, making it connectable to both smartphones and PCs. The MRS-MBH10BK is a memory reader equipped with a three-port USB2.0 hub (bus-powered). The USB ports support memory sticks and various input devices, such as keyboards, with a USB interface. These two products, MRS-MBD09BK and MRS-MBH10BK, directly support twenty-nine types of media and, with the use of a separate adapter, five extra types are added, supporting up to thirty-four different types of media.

The MR-W104WH is a wireless memory reader equipped with a USB port. The data stored on smartphones and tablet PCs can be wirelessly transferred to a memory card or USB memory. It also supports a wired connection using the USB interface. It can also be used as external storage for keeping data imported from smartphones and tablet PCs with the use of high-capacity memory cards or USB sticks. In addition, it smoothly transfers data, such as a telephone directory, from an old smartphone to a new one. By downloading the special application software, simultaneous connections to up to five devices are possible, which allows you to share data with your friends on the spot. This model directly supports thirty types of media and, with the use of a separate adapter, five additional types are supported, allowing you to connect up to thirty-five different types of media.

The U3HS-A420SBK is a compact four- port USB3.0 hub that comes with an AC adapter. In addition to being bus-powered, the hub can also be self-powered, allowing you to connect power-consuming USB devices, such as an external hard drive, to tablet PCs and notebook PCs. The hub, when being self-powered, provides stable processing of the connected energy-consuming USB devices. The hub is a slim and compact type with a cable length of 30cm, perfect for plugging into tablet PCs and notebook PCs. One of the four ports is separately located from the rest on one side, allowing you to connect devices with a wide USB connector without interfering with other port connections.

Model No. On-sale date
MRS-MBD09BKMid. Dec. 2016
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